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Key Industries of
Wayne ARC

150 VanBuren Street
Newark, NY 14513
Phone: 315-331-7741
Fax: 315-331-0911
Email: info@waynearc.org

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Wayne ARC is a chapter of NYSARC, Inc.

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Wayne ARC Newark New York

Key Industries

... the solution to your labor needs

Contract Labor - Supported Employment - Group Placement (Enclaves)

Group Employment Service
Contract Labor - Supported Employment - Group Placement (Enclaves)

Key Industries Employment Service is a team approach to assisting people with disabilities to be gainfully employed in community jobs, as well as assisting the employers with their staffing needs with qualified, long-term employees. We have people trained with various skills to meet your business needs. Individuals are prescreened for the task at hand.

For contract labor group hires, companies are guaranteed that the job will get done when needed. Your team will always be staffed appropriately.

A minimum of five individuals will come to your facility to work a minimum of four hours. Employers are pleasantly surprised to learn that our rates are approximately 27% less than the average temporary service fee. Plus one staff supervisor will accompany the individuals we serve free of charge.

Satisfied customers include:

  • Baldwin Richardson Foods

  • Crosman Corporation

  • G. W. Lisk Company, Inc.

  • IEC Electronic Corporation

  • Zotos International


Work sites include various skills such as:

  • Janitorial

  • Assembly

  • Production

  • Machine Operators

  • Material Handlers


  • Team Approach

  • Communication

  • Responsiveness

  • Competence



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"Key Industries provides a sense of professionalism and work ethic that is unsurpassed. They are not intimidated by our schedule requirements -- they get the job done!"

David Dandino
Health & Safety Coordinator
Crosman Corporation
East Bloomfield, NY